Air Conditioning Installers

Air Conditioning Installers

REDSELL are air conditioning installers which create and maintain a comfortable life or work place is a process of design, taking into account many factors including building design and anticipated workload and operation. The steam at Redsell want to provide you the most efficient and workable solution for your air conditioning need, using their skill and experience to your advantage.

We can install air conditioners for all houses and business, big and small. If you need 1 room cooler or an entire high rise cool as winter, we are specialists in the area of design. Redsell air conditioning installers know exactly the right height and place to install air con to use the room’s dimensions to lower the temperature to a comfortable level in a small amount of time, saving you time and helping the environment, minimising your carbon foot print.

If you need advise or a quote to make your place the most comfortable place for your spare time, contact REDSELL to book an appointment and install air conditioners for you today.

Residential Air Conditioning

Redsell also offering cassette and split systems which are the best solution for your lifestyle.  As we use the best from the products, we maintain the best installation and back-up all our installation with a 5 year labour warranty.

Commercial Air Conditioning

We install and design for all “need to cool” places including shopping centres, offices and warehouses.  Whatever the desire, we can offer a well-priced and energy efficient solution. 

Maintenance Services

Regular up-keep on your air conditioning is a must to ensure efficient operation and to reduce costly repairs.  For a number of units or commercial premises, tailored maintenance agreements can be made. We want to work with you to services your air conditioning all year round. For the coolest Brisbane Air Conditioning company, contact with our team to discuss your maintenance needs.


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