Ducted Air Conditioning

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Ducted Style Air Conditioning

Ducted Air Conditioning is the superior way to control your indoor environment. Put simply, an energy efficient outdoor unit delivers the refrigerant through a copper pipe to the indoor unit ducted (generally located in your roof space). This indoor unit captures the existing air and either heats or cools (depending on what mode you have selected) this air, and then distributes this conditioned air back into the house via a network of flexible ductwork.

Professional Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane Solutions

This is a great money saver that allows you to just air condition the rooms that are required. This means less energy is used and will lower the running costs of your house or business.

Another benefit to ducted air conditioning Brisbane units is the minimal amount of noise it produces. With having the air conditioning units outdoors, very little noise travels inside. This is great when needing the environment to be quiet. Whether this be an executive office, medical and service office, or a nursery.

This flexible duct is connected to outlets or vents which releases the conditioned air into your chosen rooms. On the basic systems the temperature is operated from a simple to use control panel centrally located within your home (in most cases this is your kitchen/living/dining areas).

Talking to one of our friendly, industry-experienced staff is the best way to find out which air conditioning system will suit your situation. The chart below can also serve as a guide in making the correct decision for you building design and climate. You can talk to one of our Air Conditioning specialists today about ducted air conditioning Brisbane.