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Split System Air Conditioning Units

When purchasing an air conditioner system it is important to consider the level of noise it will produce. Some units, although effective in controlling the temperature, become so loud that you are having to yell just to have a conversation. These types of air conditioner units are appropriate for industrial businesses, however, not at all suitable for someone’s home or office.

For someone needing an air conditioning unit that makes minimal noise, Redsell offer a split system air conditioning system. The advantage of this system is that it is silent in operation. The noisy compressor is located outside. The indoor unit is a sleek component positioned on the internal wall, with interconnecting pipes neatly fixed between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. Ideally these pipes are hidden between the exterior wall cavities, or alternatively placed discreetly on the outside of the building in custom designed colour matched covers in any of the available standard Colorbond colour range.

Multi Split System

The multi-split advantage is that one powerful outdoor unit can feed many indoor units throughout the house. A great benefit of this is that each room can operate at their own desired temperature.

This system eliminates the already crowded sides of your home being taken up with many individual systems and replaces them with one neat and simple unit. It also allows for the flexibility of the style/s of the inside units. You can have a combination of split & cassette air conditioning styles to suit each individual room.

With Redsell Air services you have peace of mind knowing we only use quality materials and installation is to the highest industry standard. We are so confident that all our new installations are covered by our 5 year labour warranty.