Everthing Fans

FansFans aren’t necessarily about just air flow, but they can be used to assist an air conditioner to cool down a room faster making the process quicker for you and more cost effective in general. They are also used to allow heat and steam to escape from places like the bathroom and kitchen.

Ceiling Fans

If have old fans that need updating or you want to install new fans to a part of your house without a great air flow, REDSELL can do this for you. We help you design the layout by identifying the best use of ceiling space to get the right air flow for you stay cool in the summer time.

Bathroom Exhausts

Bathrooms also need the right amount of airflow to prevent mold and unwanted moist in and round your paint work. REDSELL have a range of efficient exhaust option for you to consider with designs for every budget. If you need your exhaust serviced and clean we can also do that for you too.

Complete Air Conditioning and Electrical

Whatever your electrical needs, we would love to sit down with you and find out what we can do for you house to make your living space as energy efficient and usable as possible. We can also install, replace and service air conditioner in order to optimise your comfort whilst you relax in your home.

The REDSELL Air Conditioning and Electrical team can install fans, air conditioning, new power points; service your current electrical system and air conditioners and finally, help you design, plan and carry out any electrical or air conditioner related plans you and your family have to make your house the home you want it to be.

For more information about what we offer for your electrical and air conditioner needs, Contact the REDSELL Air Conditioning and Electrical team for more details.