Surge Protection

What is a Power Surge and Surge Protection?

A power surge is a spike in electrical Surge Protectioncurrent to your home, which lasts only a thousandth of a second. With that amount of current to your property or office, you never know the damage it can cause until it’s too late.

Refrigerators, air conditioners and space heaters can also cause a power surge strong enough to cause your home a considerable amount of damage to electrical systems as they draw a lot of electrical current to the home as well.

Power surges or voltage spikes will be a very expensive problem if you don’t have the right protection for these kinds of events. It’s also a problem for any person without an insurance policy that covers that sort of damage to your appliances and entertainment equipment.

Queensland Weather and Your Home’s Electricity

Queensland’s storm season is the most destructive time for any household with the frequency of rainstorm and lightning strikes increase the risk of a overcharge or surge to the electricity in your home. This can amount to your  house or office being without power, damaged equipment vital to every day operations and can even lower the integrity of the entire building electrical systems.

What Can You Do?

At Redsell, we are qualified to install either hardwired electrical surge protection fitted at your switchboards or provide you with guidance in selecting the right range of products to protect appliances, power point and even phones. A  properly installed switchboard surge arrester will stop the electric spike or surge infiltrating your home’s electrical systems and save you the time and money it takes to replace all of the things burnt out by this incontinent, dangerous current of electricity to you building.

For more information about what can be done to protect your home, Contact REDSELL Air Conditioning and Electricity.