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Energy Efficient & Ergonomic Work Environments

With Redsell Air Conditioning & Electrical — Leaders in the industry, we can design an air conditioning system that is tailored to the needs of your business. Our Commercial Air Conditioning Brisbane North team designs and installs air conditioning systems for all applications including offices, factories, commercial buildings, shopping centers and warehouses.

Establishing an ergonomic and well-designed workplace is an important management role that directly influences staff productivity. One facet of creating an ergonomic office environment is maintaining the temperature between 21-24 degrees Celsius. In 2010 the Applied Ergonomics journal published a study identifying negative effects on work productivity when the temperature was set to either 17 or 28 degrees Celsius*. Therefore, it is important that an office has well-designed air conditioning system if wanting to get the most out the staff.

Whatever the application, we can offer an affordable and an energy efficient system to make it cool and comfortable for you and your staff all year round.


Tailored Maintenance Packages

Remember once we have installed a system for you, you continue to be on our VIP list, we can tailor a maintenance program based on your company’s usage, additionally, all our work is covered with a 2 year warranty. This service provides you with the assurance that your air conditioning system will be working effectively, and will be set up and customised according to the climate and building you are in.

*Li Lan, Zhiwei Lian (2010) The effects of air temperature on office workers’ well-being, workload and productivity-evaluated with subjective ratings

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