The Redsell Team also has fully trained and qualified Electricians.

Smoke Alarm Installation

Are your family protected this year with correctly installed and functioning smoke alarms? Take the hassle out of flat batteries by installing  240volt hard wired units that have a battery back up. It only costs a small price  to install these in your home and can that cost ever be weighed against an injury or fatality from not having an immediate warning in the event of a house fire.

Find all your questions answered at the QLD Government Smoke Alarm Information page.


Surge Protection

Power surges or voltage spikes can be a very expensive problem for any person if it is not covered in your insurance policy. Queensland’s storm season can be very destructive and a lightning strike on your house or office can do untold amounts of damage to your equipment.

At Redsell, we can provide either hardwired electrical protection directly to you switchboards or help select a range of products to protect your phones and appliances. A  properly installed switchboard surge arrestor can stop the surge from getting into your home and save you time and money replacing all your burnt out electrical goods.


Bathrooms and Ceiling Fans

If you need new fans installed or just want the old ones updated, call us now for a free quote. If it is a bathroom exhaust & Heat Lamp or just for a bedroom fan, our qualified electricians can ensure a quality and safe installation every time. Supply your own equipment or let us select from our quality suppliers to ensure the best finish in every room.



Has your switchboard at home been upgraded to circuit breaker and the old fuses removed? Are you sick and tired of replacing wire every time there is a storm? At Redsell, we can organise to upgrade your switchboard to new efficient circuit breakers. Having your RCD (Residual Current Devices) connected to properly sized circuit breakers will keep you and your family safe in the event of an earth leakage or fault in the connected equipment.


Complete Electrical

Whatever your electrical requirements, we will be happy to discuss them with you to find a solution that is efficient, economical and supports your lifestyle. We want to work with you to keep your air conditioning unit/s running at their optimum all year round. For the coolest Brisbane Air Conditioning business, get in contact with our team to discuss your electrical needs or arrange a time to meet with Greg to go over your plans and ideas.