Energy Savings

Are Just the Beginning

Enhance your air conditioning with AirTouch, a smart controller to manage your climate control from a touch screen, smartphone or tablet.

Experience more comfort.
Enjoy more control.
Save energy running your air conditioning.

Home Comfort

Looks Great

AirTouch knows how to keep everyone comfortable just the way they want.

Built in artificial intelligence helps manage temperatures and airflow for each room in your home, and can adjust your air conditioning with the weather. Live in comfort and save energy, without having to think about it.

More Savings

AirTouch sends conditioned air only where it is needed.

More Control for Everyone

Now, everyone can set their favourite temperature for their space at home.

More Comfort

AirTouch is able to identify unwanted hot or cold spots and respond.

More Convenience

ITS adds an extra switch for the air conditioning in each room.

AirTouch 5 Brochure