The MOST common reason why residential air conditioners need fixing

Maintenance Services

There are many reasons to regularly service and maintain your air conditioning unit. At Redsell, our Air Conditioning Service Team can take care of all your air conditioning repairs and maintenance requirements from the smallest split system up to a high rise building with chilled water plants. We have experience in all of these systems and can tailor a package to keep your air conditioning systems running at their peak performance for longer, saving you money in both operating costs and break down repairs.


Our technicians will thoroughly check the air conditioning unit, both indoor and outdoor, gas pressures, and all pipework insulation and ducting (if applicable). Filters, drains and the exterior of the indoor unit will be cleaned, and the indoor coil disinfected. If minor repairs are required these are also included free of charge.

Callout Diagnosis

If your unit is not working as it should, our call out rates include the first hour of diagnosis. If it is an issue that can be fixed within that hour the technician will do that onsite, however, once diagnosis is complete if the unit requires parts or a lengthy repair we will provide you with a quote to proceed.

Questions to ask before you call

  • Have you checked what mode the a/c is set on?
  • Are the remote batteries reasonably new?
  • Does turning the unit off and back on, resolve it?
  • Have you checked the power supply / circuit breaker?
  • Is the unit due (or overdue) for a service?
To book a technician to come out, contact us and we will coordinate a time that suits you. Why not ask about our discount for bulk units? If you have 3 or more air conditioning units, or neighbours who would also like to have theirs done the same day, make sure you take advantage of a cheaper price!

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