When installing a ducted air conditioner in your home or office, the positioning of the return vent is critical in the design of the system. The return vent is normally the positioning of your return filters as well which can greatly influence how the system operates. Poorly positioned return vents can hinder the return path of the air being returned too the system for filtration and recooling which can greaty decrease energy efficiency or create “wind tunnel” like effects inside the building. If you have 1000 litres a second of air all trying to rush down a hallway to get to a return vent, then often this will cause a very noticable or uncomfortable air rush. We have all heard of the term “Wind Chill” before and this will happen in the enclosed area.

The return path should be as close to the middle of an installation as possible without being a noticable feature inside the house or building.The last thing you want to see is a big return vent in the entry way of a nice house as you walk in. If the return path is a full 360 degrees and not a very small angle, the system can easily reclaim the amount of air it needs to satisfy the internal fan unit without struggling or creating wind effect. This helps with the static pressures inside the ductwork and will help extend the life of your system and reduce breakdowns.

The filters inside the return vent need to be kept clean to maintain the energy efficiency and to stop the unit having to try and create more suction to get the air it needs. This can suck dirt through the filters and damage the internal fan unit.

Care should always be taken when designing the system to ensure that these vents are not placed in a wet area like a laundry or bathroom as the will suck moisture in and can create mold. The same goes for kitchen areas where grease may be sucked in and destroy or block the filter very quickly. Both of these can be very dangerous from a health or fire aspect.

The proper design of the return path with the vents and filters can compliment a system not just in energy efficiency but also in promoting your business. Have you ever been into a coffee shop and seen the return vents placed over the top of the coffee making machine? This is one of the reasons you can smell lovely fresh brewed coffee all the way out onto the street and helps attract patrons in to buy more. Smells are quickly collected and spread via the supply system which can cover a very large area in a commercial application. Its normally easy too tell if there is a bakery or Subway in a local shopping centre if their shop is located next to a communal system return.

Ask us about the positioning of the return on your system whether it be a new installation or one that you have now which could use a bit of a tweek. The proper position could make a world of difference for you in energy usage and comfort.

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