Using your reverse cycle a/c to keep you warm during winter need not send you broke.  Contrary to popular talk, reverse cycle a/c units are very energy efficient in their heating operation, however you can save money on your winter heating costs with just a few simple common sense steps:

  • If you wish to leave the a/c on overnight to stop the house getting that icy chill, lower the temperature on the unit by 2-4 degrees from where you normally have it set.  This will stop your house dropping into the chilly zone, but will not be working to keep your house toasty while you’re rugged up in bed.
  • If you don’t choose to leave it on overnight, set the a/c to come on an hour or two earlier in the morning to start the house warming ready for when you throw off those covers to start the day.
  • Keep outside doors and windows closed*.  If you notice drafts of cold air, check your doors to ensure that they are fitted with soft seals, if not there are a variety available from hardware stores and are generally easy to fit.  Sand snakes are also a great option along the floor at doorways that are particularly at fault.
  • Keep the doors to any unconditioned areas closed, unless they are required open for return air (ducted systems).
  • Any window coverings such as blinds and curtains will help retain heat on those really chilly nights, so draw them just as the warmth of the sun disappears to help stop heat transfer as the cold air settles on the glass.
  • If it is particularly cold, you can use additional heating (i.e. electric or gas heaters) to bring the room up to temperature quicker but should not be required once it has reached set temperature.

*Always ensure there is adequate amount of fresh air to rooms.

NOTE:  Always follow conditions specified in the manufacturers manual and installer’s quotation, including maximum number of zones if using a ducted system.  If using additional heating, ensure that it is used in a safe and appropriate manner and according to its manufacturer’s instructions.  Always allow the necessary amount of fresh air into rooms.

If you find that your unit is not heating, firstly, double check that your unit is in heating mode (usually has an icon of a sun).  If it is the first time you have used the unit in heating since being set to cooling, there is often a reset period of approximately 10min before the unit will kick-in.  If you know that your unit is in the correct mode, at a reasonable temperature and you have waited for a reasonable time to allow for a reset period, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will help get the warmth back in the air for you.

Thank you to Actron Air for some of these hints and tips.  [Of course, if you are running and Actron Air Platinum ducted system, you’re already well on your way to significant operating savings!]

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