What do you want to achieve with your air conditioning unit?

Knowing what you want to achieve will assist you with deciding what type of air conditioner is going to meet those needs.

Do you have the correct size for the room and location?

Having a unit that is too small for the space, or that doesn’t take into account the aspect and building design can result in longer running, higher electricity bills and a shorter life span for the equipment.  If your unit is too large for the space, the cooling and heating can be too powerful therefore creating discomfort, as well as damaging the equipment.

Is it safe?

When choosing your unit, be an informed consumer and know what gas is in the unit.  Some refrigerant gasses are quite safe, whilst others are somewhat flammable – or even explosive.  Though all units manufactured to Australian Standards are considered safe, it is wise to know what you are putting in your home in case you have issues down the track that result in a gas leak.  See our topic page for more info.

Are you covered by a warranty?

Whilst the majority of air conditioning units are covered for 5 years, this only covers the indoor/outdoor units themselves.  The air conditioning system is also made up of pipework and electrical work, either of which could fail with inferior quality materials or labour.  At Redsell we match the manufacturer’s warranty with our own labour warranty to ensure that your system, when regularly maintained, will serve you well for it’s anticipated lifespan.

Is the installation cost all inclusive?

Some companies advertise quite cheap byo installations, however look out for the fine print that specifies what is included (or NOT included).  Our installation prices are all inclusive for the kind of installation that you require  – there are no added costs for electrical or extra pipework.

Does the manufacturer have a good track-record for quality, and is there support if the unit should have a fault or problem down the track?

We think that if people are going to invest money in an air conditioner, it should serve them well, for the life of the unit, with minimum problems and maximum benefit to the customer.  We therefore choose to deal with Mitsubishi Electric and Actron for their quality product and after-sales support.  It is wise to note however that not all manufacturers do offer the same quality and support – some have parts that are either difficult to get, or very expensive should they require replacing down the track.

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