The regular maintenance of your air conditioner is an important part of saving money on the running cost of your system. The build up of dust and dirt on the system increases the amount of energy it uses while shortening its lifespan and increasing the cost for repairs. The fan unit pictured shows the build up that can be found on many fans, increasing their weight and reducing air flow. A well maintained system should be expected to last a minimum of 10 years but many people feel that servicing a system is not required. We look after our cars with their moving parts, we look after our bodies to keep it healthy so why do we not need to look after our Ac units and give them a yearly health check?

The more you use an air conditioner and the longer it runs, the more often maintenance work should be carried out. Simple cleaning tasks like filters should be the responsibility of the end user and do not require a large degree of technical knowledge. Other more intensive work such as electrical checks, gas charge verification and moving part works should all be carried out by a qualified person.

Don’t waste money letting your expensive air conditioner go to ruin by not doing maintenance. Call us at Redsell to look after your system now.

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