Summer is arguably one of the best times of the year – already we are pulling out our thongs, dusting off the beach gear and getting ready to enjoy all the good things Summer brings with it!  However, aside from pulling out the fake-tan and boardies, there are some more important things that should be done in the lead-up to Summer:

Check your flyscreens for tears/holes

As the weather gets hotter, the amount of flying insects increases.  To be able to best take advantage of any breezes you will want to be able to have your doors and windows open to allow for cross-flow.  But to ensure that you protect yourself and your loved ones from any annoying or nasty bites, check that the flyscreens are all intact with no holes or loose sections.

Check and clear gutters and drains

After a long period of minimal rain, it is a wise idea to check all gutters and drains before the rains come, to minimise your risk of damaging leaks and time consuming repairs.  And who wants to be up on the roof cleaning out gutters when it’s raining – by then it’s too late.

Service your air conditioner (or book your install if you’re wanting it for the Summer)

Over summer it is the busiest time of year for air conditioning businesses. Murphy’s law requires that if an a/c is going to break down, it is going to be on that hot, muggy day when you’re most needing it. Or when you have visitors coming. The lead-up to summer is the ideal time to have a maintenance service done, where the system can be thoroughly checked and the filters and drains cleaned, reducing the risk of mildew build-up during the peak period, and helping to prevent those annoying and sometimes costly callouts and repairs. And if you don’t already have air conditioning, but are considering it, get in now for a FREE QUOTE to see how affordable it is.

Whatever your situation, be sure to book in early. Many people make the mistake of waiting until they are hot and uncomfortable to decide to go ahead. Acting before Summer hits will ensure you can just enjoy all it has to offer.

Clean your ceiling fans

We’ve all seen the dust caked up on ceiling  fans that collects during use and then builds up during winter. In readiness for the warmer weather it is a good idea to give the fans a good clean and check they are all working as you would like and expect.

Ensure you are storm ready

We would all like to think that major storms will not affect us or cause damage or injury, however the risk is that over the summer months there is always a risk as it is storm season. It is a good idea to have an emergency plan in place. ‘Get Ready Queensland’ (care of the Department of  Disaster Management) have some tools and resources for helping you put a plan together for your family.

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