Air conditioners are like cars and must be properly maintained to ensure that their projected lifespan is achieved and that they do not cost you a massive amount in utilities to run. Dirty air conditioners are not energy efficient and can use up to 5 times their normal power consumption when they are not able to get rid of heat due to blocked condensers or filters. These systems have an oil inside which lubricates parts and if they get too hot from running flat out for long periods, this oil will burn, just like in your car. Once this happens, it will no longer do its job and will cause wear and tear on the mechanical parts.

If you are living close to a coastal area, you should have your system treated at least once a year when serviced with a corrosion inhibitor to stop the salt air from destroying the metal at an increased rate – like this unit to the right that has seen better days! When the drain pans clog up with dirt, water stays inside the unit which causes mold to grow and a nasty smell which can be very hard to remove. There is nothing fun about having water leaking down your walls inside your house from a blocked drain pan.

At Redsell, our team of experienced technicians can take care of all your maintenance requirements from the smallest split system up to a high rise building with chilled water plants. We have experience in all of these systems and can tailor a package to keep your systems running at their peak performance for longer, saving you money in both operating costs and break down repairs.

When servicing, our technicians complete a thorough check of your indoor and outdoor units, including gas pressures and ducting (where applicable), as well as cleaning filters, drains and the exterior of your indoor unit.

Contact us today and ask us about our discount for bulk units. Why not ask everyone in your street if they would like to get it done at the same time and take advantage of a cheaper price?

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