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General Plumbing

Australian Standards say Enough is Enough

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One of the most confusing things about choosing the right air conditioner for your house or room is “What size should I get”? You go and get a few quotes and they all come back with different information and different sizes of cooling capacity? So how do you know what is right for you? The introduction of Inverter air conditioners into Australia was brought about by the need to reduce the massive amount of amperage being drawn by air conditioners in peak times across the day and to reduce the running costs. The power companies were continually needing to

Insurance and Air Conditioners

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Everyday we are contacted at Redsell by people that have had air conditioners break down due to electrical faults or motor burn outs inside their compressor. It is often very sad when you need to inform a person that a system cannot be repaired as the manufacturer has discontinued the required parts and only then do you find out that they do not have the right level of insurance cover. Many newer systems these days are Inverter units which are variable speed units to help them be more energy efficient. The compressor has a range of speeds it can

Clean Your Air Con to Save Money

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The regular maintenance of your air conditioner is an important part of saving money on the running cost of your system. The build up of dust and dirt on the system increases the amount of energy it uses while shortening its lifespan and increasing the cost for repairs. The fan unit pictured shows the build up that can be found on many fans, increasing their weight and reducing air flow. A well maintained system should be expected to last a minimum of 10 years but many people feel that servicing a system is not required. We look after our

Safer than Sorry – Smoke Alarms Save Lives

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All houses in Queensland are required to be fitted with smoke alarms, but just ticking a box to say “done” is not enough to ensure the safety of your family. The typical detector installed in the majority of homes works via ‘ionisation‘, however studies show that these detectors generally only give a few minutes notice in the event of a serious house fire due to their operational technology. Photoelectric detectors operate in a different manner, and are able to detect fires whilst in the smouldering stage, giving critical additional warning time.   They are also less likely to be set

Questions to Ask when Choosing Air Conditioning

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What do you want to achieve with your air conditioning unit? Knowing what you want to achieve will assist you with deciding what type of air conditioner is going to meet those needs. Do you have the correct size for the room and location? Having a unit that is too small for the space, or that doesn’t take into account the aspect and building design can result in longer running, higher electricity bills and a shorter life span for the equipment.  If your unit is too large for the space, the cooling and heating can be too powerful therefore

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